Hotel & Reservations Policy

Check in – Check Out
Rooms are available from arrival time 15:00 and after. Departure time is up to 12:00.

Children policy

Children up to 4 years do not pay (1 child per room).
Maximum capacity for extra beds/cots in a room is 1. Additional beds/cots are provided upon request and have to be confirmed by the hotel.

In order to provide you with the best possible service please inform us for any children or babies in your room.

Pets policy

Pets are not allowed.

Reservations policy

To confirm your reservation after you contact us by telephone or email:
We send you the bank account or
If you plan to pay with a credit card the credit card’s authorization document. Credit card number and expiration date are required.
Accepted credit cards: Visa and Mastercard
The hotel retains the right to pre-accept credit cards before the customer’s arrival.
Reservations are redeemed upon departure by credit card or cash.


For reservations of 1-4 nights: 1 night deposit.
For reservations of more than 4 nights: 30% deposit.

Cancellation policy

For cancellations of 14 days before arrival: no charge.
For cancellations of 14-1 days before arrival or not arriving at all: deposit is not returned.
Early departure: 50% charge of the rest of the stay.
In case of not arriving at all there is a full charge of the whole reservation cost.

Credit Cards

Accepted credit cards: Visa and Mastercard, but you can always pay in cash.

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